Why Care About Grass?

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Why Care About Grass?

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Sure, grass looks nice on the lawn, yet what has grass ever really done for you? It doesn’t pay rent, doesn’t pay it’s portion of the utility bills, it doesn’t even go to work and earn money to help maintain the home. Grass just sits there all day long, being grass, and yet it is being extremely useful. You may not notice it being useful, though if it wasn’t there, you would definitely notice a difference. Gras does a lot for us, not just for our home though. Grass does a lot for the world in general. Especially when we keep our grass healthy.


So what does this seemingly lazy, yet actually hardworking vegetation do for us? We could tell you how great a maintained yard full of grass looks, though we are pretty sure you already know about that. Did you know, however, that grass makes things a little cooler for you? Keep scrolling down to learn more!


Reduces Heat: Did you know that asphalt can be anywhere from 40-60 degrees hotter than the air temperature? This is especially true if the asphalt is black, or a darker shade of grey. Bare soil has a similar issue, though to a lesser extent. Natural grass will keep the lowest temperature of the three, being the safest to walk on in hot climates, like the ones found in Florida. It also can help reduce the air temperature above it as well. Note that this goes for natural grass, artificial grass ranks up there with dirt and asphalt.


Strengthens your Yard: Grass also helps to hold your yard together. Grass has roots, and even though they might be small, they help fight problems with your soil such as erosion. There are literally millions of blades of grass in the average yard. That means there are millions of blades of grass, working together to hold the soil in place. This is especially important if you have any form of hills on your property.


Relaxes the Mind: Did you know that colors can have effects on your mind? That’s right, not only is grass busy doing things, even color is hard at work for you. This is used in many forms of designs and even architecture to enact a certain response. While each color has different effects, the one we are worried about is green, the color of grass. Green is known to be one of the calming colors. It represents nature, and tranquility. Natural greens, like the ones found on grass, help to calm and relax us, many times without us even realizing it.


Reduces Pollution: This is more a grand scale benefit than an individual, though it does still benefit you. Plants help to clear the air around us. Grass, being a plant and being found almost everywhere, does a large part of that. Grass absorbs CO2 in the air, and converts it to Oxygen for us to breathe, and uses it to nourish itself. It also helps filter pollutants from water as well. Hard surfaces don’t have anything to help purify runoff from rainwater, while grass helps leach out harmful bits. It also reduces the amount of runoff from rain, reducing the need for stormwater management.


Well Trimmed Lawns Look Great: We know we said we weren’t going to talk about this one, but we couldn’t resist. A well trimmed lawn just looks amazing, especially when the whole neighborhood follows your example. They are great for sitting on the front porch as the sun sets and admiring. They are great for having a family gathering in the backyard with grilled burgers and plenty of laughs. We could make an entire list of what you could do with well trimmed lawn, and we just might do that one day.

So, you see everything that grass (and colors) does for you, so why not give a little back? Hire a professional lawn care company like Earthworm Lawns to come turn an average yard, into something extraordinary.



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