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Starting at the Top

Starting at the Top

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Starting at the Top

Port Orange lawn care

Where is the best area to start with when maintaining a lawn? Believe it or not, it may be best to look upwards before looking down at the grass. Trees are, not surprisingly, a big part of lawn care. They are such prominent parts of our yard. They stand tall, sometimes taller than your house even. When they are trimmed, they can compliment your house and lawn. When they are not taken care of however they can post a threat to your home and fill your yard with debris. Dead twigs and leaves are not only unsightly, they block sunlight from reaching the grass beneath.


They can also get in your neighbor’s yard, spreading the problem around Some people might like that, since it moves the problem to someone else. When you need to borrow something from them and they say no, or you don’t get invited to their BBQ, you are going to rethink that strategy. Especially when you consider that your tree is a physical danger to them and a legal danger to yourself. If any branches on your tree fall on their property, or if the entire tree falls down on their property and causes damage, you might be liable for it. If you take care of the tree and it falls, causing damage, it can be considered what is called an Act of God. Meaning it was something beyond your control. If you don’t take care of it and it falls, then it is seen as negligence on your part.


If you kept it trimmed and healthy there is a good chance it wouldn’t have fallen at all. Trimming branches removes the dead parts of the branch. This gives the tree more room to grow healthy, reduces the weight it has to hold up and lets more sun reach the healthy parts of the tree. It also reduces the weight the entire tree has to hold up, meaning it has a better chance of not falling over. Getting a lawn care service to trim them up also gives them a chance to inspect the tree itself. They can find any insect life or disease inside the tree that could be destabilizing it. Most of us don’t climb our trees or really even take that good of a look at them, so regular tree trimmings is helpful to prolonging the life of our trees.


When you hire a lawn care service company from Daytona Beach, you get everything in one package. You get your trees trimmed, the debris picked up, yard mowed, bushes done, and yard looking amazing. So why let your yard keep getting out of control when you can have Earthworm Lawns taking care of it? Give us a call at 386-882-2726 today to get started.




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