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The Art of Lawn Care

The Art of Lawn Care

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The Art of Lawn Care

Port Orange lawn care service company

Most of us look at lawn care as more of a chore. We don’t want to spend time on it, we just want to mow the yard, do some weed whacking, and get back to enjoying our Saturday afternoon. Some of us, on the other hand, take a lot of pride in our work. We don’t see it as a chore, we see it as a duty to maintain our yard and make it the best looking yard possible. Regardless of which end of the spectrum you fall under, there are important things to consider when doing lawn care. You shouldn’t approach it as just another chore like doing the dishes, you should approach it as an art form. To really have a well-maintained yard that impresses the neighbors, everything has to work together like a work of art. Leonardo Di Vinci wouldn’t be the legendary painter he is today if he created a beautiful landscape behind the Mona Lisa while drawing the Mona Lisa as a stick figure. The Statue of David works because all of its parts work together. If he had a perfectly sculpted body with a smiling emoji face, he wouldn’t find himself inside a museum. A yard is no different when it comes to maintaining it. Mowing the yard is nice, but it still won’t look great if the bushes look like a Medusa’s head.


Like any form of art, however, this takes the right tools and time to make it happen. You can’t paint a portrait without paint and you can’t trim the bushes without bush trimmers. This can get expensive though when you have to buy all these equipment yourself. Luckily for you, much like painting, you can hire someone to do it for you. There are Lawn Care service companies in New Smyrna Beach, Port Orange, Daytona Beach, all over that can tend to your lawn for you. Lawn Care service companies like Earthworm Lawns have the staff, equipment, and experience with lawns to turn even the worse disasters into museum-quality works of art. Not that we would recommend hanging a lawn on a wall, but it can still be admired by neighbors and people passing your home on their daily walk.


In some ways, it can be argued that a street actually is a museum, with us and our homes the art on display. The homes that really fix up their yards get the “Wow look at that” while the homes with untamed grass and misshapen bushes get ick faces or just looked over completely. If your yard gets too out of control, you might find people wanting you out of the museum completely. Failure to maintain your lawn can cause repercussions from the local government due to lawn care ordinances. Even if you keep your lawn within the ordinances, it doesn’t mean it will please the neighbors or even your own family. Your spouse might want a nicer looking lawn or to start a project like a flower bed or garden. It can be difficult to do when a yard is only receiving the minimum amount of maintenance required.


So don’t just do a chore by mowing the lawn, take some pride in your lawn and hire a Port Orange lawn care service company to take care of it for you. They can put in the extra work because they have the extra tools and people to make it happen. The best part is all it takes to get started is to visit earthwormlawns.com or dial 386-882-2726. We can give you a quote and help set up a day to get started on your lawn.




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