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Pleasing the Neighbors

Pleasing the Neighbors

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Pleasing the Neighbors

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Proper lawn care is a vital part of an attractive home. Don’t mistake it as a vanity project, however. Keeping your lawn in shape has more benefits than you may think. Of course, it keeps it all nice and beautiful when the grass is mowed, bushes and trees trimmed, weeds pulled, and so on. Did you know it can keep you out of legal trouble as well? Having an overgrown lawn won’t get you arrested or put in jail thankfully. Imagine telling the other inmates your crime is not mowing the yard. It can cause fines to be issued by your local government. Many places have ordinances about proper lawn care, especially in tourist rich areas like Port Orange and Daytona Beach. It also has some social consequences as well.


A healthy relationship with your neighbors is a great thing to have. When you need something you can count on them being there for you and vice versa. Keeping your lawn in shape is a great way to grow this relationship because not only does it make the area as a whole look better, it helps your neighbors lawn out as well. When you have tall grass it can become filled with pests and insects. These little pests can migrate to surrounding lawns as well. A untamed yard can also have debris in it such as leaves and twigs. If they are not taken care of the wind can blow them into your neighbor’s yards. Understandably that can cause some friction between neighbors.


Intertwined with that is the effect it has on people’s opinion on you. Anything you have or own becomes an extension of who you are. What you wear, what you use, and especially where you live. If you have an overgrown lawn and untamed bushes, the image you are putting out there is that you are lazy and don’t care about your appearance. The neighbors will wonder why you never go out and do your lawn or have a Port Orange lawn care service company do it for you. Even if you are the nicest host that can throw incredible house parties, no one will really want to go if your lawn is in disarray.


The chaotic yard also starts to affect your home as well. When you don’t take care of the yard, the yard starts growing up in your home. Tall bushes can scrape against windows and make moving around the yard difficult. It turns your home not just into an annoyance for the neighbors and local government, but one for yourself as well. Did we mention it helps with pollen as well? When you keep the grass low, it can’t grow and develop into pollen creating flowers. It helps the yard look great and helps keep you from uncontrollable sneezing fits.


One final note, a lawn care service company also helps with your image. It shows you are responsible and take pride in your lawn. When the neighbors see your yard being expertly trimmed by a lawn service company like Earthworms trimming your yard into perfection, they will know you mean business. So don’t be the that bad neighbor with the overgrown lawn that the kids make up stories about. Be that neighbor that wows the neighbors by simply having that beautiful yard they see every day.




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