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Taking the Fight to Pollen

Taking the Fight to Pollen

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Taking the Fight to Pollen

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It’s getting to be that time of year again when the air is nice, warm, and full of pollen. Pollen is an almost inescapable part of the Springtime. The only real way to escape it all together is to buy a house out in the middle of the desert. That doesn’t really sound too fun though so we have to find other ways to keep the pollen levels down. While we can’t do this for all of New Smyrna Beach sadly, we can help keep the pollen count around your home down to manageable levels. The strategy to accomplish this is split between maintaining a yard and filling it with the right kind of vegetation. This doesn’t mean getting rid of your flowers either, it simply means planting the right flowers.


As you probably know, every type of flower needs pollen to survive. What you might not know is that not every kind of flower helps spread the pollen through the air. Some flowers have pollen that is generally heavier and harder to spread, meaningless pollen in the air. Don’t stop there though, because there are other plants such as trees and shrubs to consider as well. We know a tree can be a little harder to replace than flowers and shrubs, but it’s also good to know for future reference which kinds of trees put less pollen in their air. By filling your flower beds with the right flowers such as tulips, lilies, roses, and snapdragons, you can have a colorful flowerbed without the pollen attacks.


As we said above, the right vegetation is only half of the strategy. The other half is maintaining the yard and keeping it tamed. If you let grass grow, flowers can start coming from it which will spread more pollen. Weeds can also find their way into the grass and blossom, spreading yet more pollen into the air. By keeping your grass low, around 2 inches, you can put a dent in the pollen count around your home.


To keep that pollen count low though, it takes diligence. You can’t let your lawn get out of control or that pollen count will go right back up, even after replacing the flowers. To better continue the fight against pollen, let a lawn care service company take care of your yard for you. They can trim it, maintain it, and give more recommendations on what to do to combat pollen in the air. Even if you don’t suffer from pollen allergies like many Americans do, it’s good to keep your lawn’s pollen count low for family and visitors. Encourage your neighbors to do the same and you can start really making a dent in the pollen’s invasion. To start taking the fight to pollen, contact Earthworm Lawns today at 386-882-2726. We are proud to serve as a Daytona Beach lawn care company, keeping Daytona Beach and the surrounding areas beautiful and trimmed.




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