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Benefits of a Well Done Property

Benefits of a Well Done Property

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Benefits of a Well Done Property

Port Orange Lawn Care Specialist

We have all heard about keeping up with the jones. Neighbors trying to out do each other by buying a bigger TV, or getting a nicer pool. It is an expensive and unnecessary game to play. Buying a bunch of pricey items isn’t really going to impress the neighbors for long. That 52” flat screen LCD Smart TV is impressive today, but what about next month? The new fridge with touch screen display with wifi capabilities will only captivate the neighbors for so long, and the 2014 Sedan was brand new three years ago now. Really, these things are nice, but they don’t have much longevity when it comes to entertaining the neighbors or even ourselves. How do you keep impressing the neighbors without collecting a bunch of stuff that will eventually end up on craigslist? You do it by having a damn fine lawn/great looking lawn, and that comes from a dedicated Port Orange Lawn Care Specialist.


You might be asking yourself, “Do people really care about my lawn that much?” The answer is that they definitely do. The condition of your yard can have two major effects. For one, it can make your home look run down and dirty, or make it look beautiful and welcoming. Beyond that, your home affects the entire neighborhood. One single home with a run down appearance, can bring down the appearance of the houses around it. It takes attention off of the neighbors house, so even if they have the most beautiful yards around, people won’t hardly notice them. In some cases, it can even push down property values of the properties around it.


When you have a nice, clean, manicured lawn, however, people notice it. They walk buy and appreciate how it looks and how it makes the neighborhood look that much better. Instead of being an eyesore on an otherwise beautiful neighborhood, it becomes a proud part of it. That isn’t all that lawn care can do for you.


We all know that there are insects crawling around in the grass outside our homes. If you didn’t know that, well it’s about time someone told you about it. Not to worry though, not all insects are bad. We may run in terror when we see a bee, yet we wouldn’t be able to survive without them. There are some insects that are bad for the yard though. When the grass is overgrown, they can be hard to notice. They don’t just hang out on the ground though, the trees can have them as well, along with various diseases. If you don’t take care of your lawn, or have a landscaping company such as Earthworm Lawns take care of it, you can miss many of these nasty little critters and problems.


It also helps to find and eliminate weeds that can harm your lawn and make it look unsightly. Weeds come in many different forms, and can all at the very least, add an unattractive appearance to your home. The only way to get rid of weeds is to grab them from the roots and eliminate them completely. Catching them when they first show up is the easier way of going about this. If you wait and let them spread, you can expect sore hands and a sore back from trying to get rid of all of them. Not only does doing some landscaping eliminate weeds, it also makes it easier to spot new weeds that may try making your yard their new home.


This does present another potential problem with your lawn though, finding time to manage it all. Somewhere between working hard all day and taking care of a family, you may not find time to actually take care of the yard. What do you do then? You can’t sit back and let the weeds and insects win, you need to keep control of the lawncare, or let someone else do it for you. Lawn care companies can do all that lawn care work you don’t have time for and then some. Most of us are content with a quick mow and some bush trimming. A landscape company will go beyond the basics to make your lawn look healthy and attractive.


So why let your lawn keep growing out of control? Take control of your yard by contacting Earthworm Lawns today!



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